logo_costco300x100Consumer reports has repeatedly listed Costco as the best value for getting an eye exam……and we tend to agree!

Vison exam prices:

Vision and eye health exam

$80 / $68 cash price

Vision and eye health exam including contacts

$115 (+$20 CL training for first time) / $99 cash price

Contact lens fitting:

$55 (+$20 for first-time contact lens wearers) Includes a written prescription for soft contact lens.  Patient must have a written glasses prescription not more than 3 months old.

Office visit:

Dr. Christensen is also to treat and prescribe for a number of eye injuries and ailments.  Examples of office visits are foreign objects in eye, pink eye, flashes, eye pain, etc.

Optomap Daytona:  $30

The Optomap is a noninvasive digital scan of the retina. This can, in many instances, be a great substitute for dilation and has none of the side effects of dilation. This scan is highly recommended by Dr. Christensen as a comprehensive way to evaluate the health of the eye.